Testimonial Running Races

“I loved the Marathon.  I always wanted to do one in Mexico but because I didn’t speak Spanish it was very complicated.  I’m very happy that LTE did it for me.  Thank you” Andrew P.

“For me and my family it was a great experience been in Mexico running the Riviera Nayarit Half Marathon.  LTE helped me to do what I love and I also spent some vacation time with my family in the Riviera Nayarit”

Francis D.

“The experience was fabulous; Mexicans are friendly and loving people” Christian M.

“I was not expecting such a good organization in the race, it was very fun.  Thanks LTE” Tomek N.

“I loved the entire experience” Jacqueline S.

“I would go on another race. I liked the race and the LTE group” Joseph T.

“With out problem, I would do it again” Fernando R.

“I would recommend it with confidence” Matthew S.

“I’ve been telling people I know about this race” Anthony N.

“The price was fair enough” Patricia M.

“I liked the experience, I have no complaints” Thomas D.

“The experience was very well planned” Katherine R.

“The ground transportation in Mexico was very good, everything on time, safe, and kind” Evan L.

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